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Nutri+gen Taurine Pet Vitamin for Cats

Nutri+gen Taurine Pet Vitamin for Cats

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Korean Premium Pet Healthcare Brand "Nutri +gen"
Nutri+gen Taurine for Cats

Content : 120.5g

What it is?
> Is nutritional supplement for cat that provides essential nutrient including taurine, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
> Is abundant with taurine, riboflavin, and retinol which helps the optic nerves and posture, as well as natural supplements including blueberries and lycium fruit extracts.
> Is tasty supplement that includes OMEGA-3 (salmon, tuna oil) and sesame leaf.
> Its tasty and designed in accordance with the recommended daily allowance by the Association of American Feed control Officials (AAFCO).
(Cats cannot synthesize taurine on its own so it must be supplied separately., and in case of insufficient taurine, your cat may suffer optic nerve disorder, or have difficult to maintain proper posture and stable landing.)

⭐The most popular pet essential in KOREA⭐
⭐No harmful ingredients at all⭐

- FDA certification.
- Use of human grade ingredients
- Don't have harmful ingredients
- MGO, Fat, Chemical Free

>Daily Feeding Guide
This product should be taken in recommended dosage for 2~3 months.
One tube is for 2 months (for pet weighing 5kg)
Under 3kg: 1~2 times / 1g per feeding / 2cm gel
Under 10kg: 2~3 times / 1g per feeding / 2cm gel
Under 20kg: 2~3 times / 3g per feeding / 6cm gel

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