About Us


Year 1995, curiosity and love for dogs have driven us to open a pet shop in South Korea. 

Facing the real industry with lack of knowledge and experience was tough at first. We’ve been through a lot of trial and errors, and were not satisfied with the quality of any services at that time. We’re proud and confident now to meet our customers, and to advance our collective knowledge that we’ve acquired for the past 22 years.

Now we’re marking footprints here in the Philippines, to light your life with happiness and will certainly continue to bring the best. 

Who We Are 

Pretty Bubble Dog Inc. is a premium pet shop that showcases teacup and toy breed dogs & quality pet products from South Korea. 

In 2015, we opened our first branch in Cebu, Philippines wherein we enjoy being able to bring tiny babies to new families and we’re proud to give such a big happiness to each one of you. It became our motivation to have a vision in expanding our reach to more fur parents, and it was made possible when we marked our boutique’s new beginning in Manila last December 2022. 

Pretty Bubble Boutique is the first-ever pet boutique in the Philippines wherein you can meet and see around 50 healthy puppies in just one visit. It is where we introduce other rare breeds and giant-size puppies like giant poodles. 

Pretty Bubble will assist you to make the best decision in bringing healthy puppies. We will guarantee the puppies' health, genetic conditions, and quality appearance. We provide a variety of versatile pet products for the modern family. With function and quality at the core of our items, we’re here to help you bond and enjoy every moment spent with your loved ones as you navigate through daily routines and worldly adventures.

Our Promise to You

Pretty Bubble Dog keeps the three most important promises: 

We consider our customers as our biggest resource and No. 1 value in any ways. We will position ourselves in your shoes and will always be open to your voices to help in giving the biggest happiness in your life. Pretty Bubble Dog was able to grow up to now and will continually develop with the help in the hands of our valuable customers. 

Online sources nowadays are hard to believe due to over-advertisements. We promise you that you’ll be able to grab the chance to adopt a new family with its highest quality in the sense of face, health condition and personality. What you’ll see is what you’ll meet. 

We carry out a safe, healthy and environmentally sustainable place for the puppies in our care. Free from dangerous viruses such as distemper virus, parvovirus and coronavirus, Pretty Bubble Dog is competent with complete health checkups and requirements with our certified veterinarian. We ensure to meet your new family in its best condition. 

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