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Nuter's Garden Munchurus Dog Dental Chew - 150g

Nuter's Garden Munchurus Dog Dental Chew - 150g

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Nuter's Garden Munchurus Dog Dental Chew - 150g 

Helps with dental health!
Churro shape and appropriate length!
✔cogwheel shape
Deep inside that is hard to reach! Gear-shaped shape that stimulates the upper and lower teeth at the same time
✔8.5cm length
✔Suitable length for small to large dogs
✔Slightly soft texture
It gets softer the more you chew it
semi-hard type
Removing tartar is basic, as well as preventing gum disease.
Main oral health functional raw materials:
Suppresses inflammation in the mouth, eliminates bad breath
Inhibits plaque formation, protects teeth and gums and antioxidant, immunity enhancement
Strong antibacterial action, removal of active oxygen
Inhibits plaque formation and Gingivitis Prevention
Protects against tooth surface bacteria, inhibits tartar formation, removes plaque, whitens teeth, and has anti-inflammatory effects.
Helps suppress tartar and plugs with natural tartar that breaks down tartar.
Healthy raw materials
Contains pollack, which is good for replenishing energy, and sweet pumpkin, a low-calorie food!
Low in fat and rich in protein
Good for diet and contains Omega 3 (EPA&DHA) and High in nutritional value, including essential amino acids,
Helps restore energy and improve health.
✔Sweet pumpkin
It is a low-calorie food rich in dietary fiber and contains ingredients such as beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals.
Rich in antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E, it helps prevent cell damage and strengthen immunity.
Rich in dietary fiber, it promotes digestion and helps maintain intestinal health.
Low in sugar and rich in dietary fiber, it helps stabilize blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.
No additives!
Because dog love eats it, no harmful artificial additives.
Domestic production / HACCP certification,Safe manufacturing line
Domestic HACCP certification and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)
It is produced in a registered manufacturing plant.

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