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Iskhan Nutritious Porridge for cat

Iskhan Nutritious Porridge for cat

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Iskhan Nutritious Porridge / High Quality Korean Food for Cat

Content : 80grams

Flavor :
Katsuo Chicken
Chicken Vegetable
Chicken Tuna

What it is?
✔ Cats who want to be fed a balanced meal
✔Older cat
✔Cats needing nutritional supplements due to pregnancy, childbirth, or lactation
✔ Cats who have difficulty chewing due to uncomfortable teeth
✔ Cats with poor digestion
✔ Cat during recovery period after surgery
✔ Cats who want to feed it mixed with food to provide rich nutrition
✔Cats needing water supplementation

What are the benefits?

Made with chicken as a base, which is good for nutritional supplementation.
Chicken that is good for nutritional supplements
It is a high-protein food, good for nutritional supplementation, and contains essential amino acids.
It also has a good digestion and absorption rate, helping to supplement your cat's nutrition.

Helps maintain cat stamina and relieve fatigue
It contains essential amino acids and antioxidant ingredients, helping to suppress cell damage and free radical generation in cats.

a balanced meal.
We provide a balanced meal by balancing protein and moisture. The thick and rich broth is also good for hydration.

Convenient portability
Conveniently stored and ready to serve immediately after opening without needing to reheat!

Nutritional energy replenishment
A boost of energy

Sterile packaging method
The retort thermocrack packaging method allows it to be stored at room temperature without additives and has a long shelf life!

Domestic production
Domestically produced nutritious snacks that have gone through a strict quality control process!

High digestion and absorption rate
The high moisture content makes it possible to replenish drinking water, and the digestion and absorption rate is high because fresh raw materials are used!

Various types
A broth-type nutritious snack that can be fed according to taste. Various types of bamboo and dry dough


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