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INVET Dental & Bad Breath Care Sticks (Lactobacillus)

INVET Dental & Bad Breath Care Sticks (Lactobacillus)

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INVET Dental & Bad Breath Care Sticks (Lactobacillus)
-for tiny/small dog
-for small/medium dog
INVET dental scaling whose design is unique helps remove tartar more effectively and it is effective on bad breath removal
as it contains green tea extract.  As it also contains lactobacillus, it helps improve intestinal health. It contains yeast extract,
flaxseed powder, malt flour, oat powder etc considering intestinal health and skin & hair quality.
By adding various vitamins, it also helps boost immunity and keep the balance of nutrition.
Help remove tartar Improve
bad breath

Improve quality of
Skin & Hair

Improve digestionabsorptivity

balance of body

It helps improve the immunity and intestinal health of pet.
It contains L.plantarum which has been proven through more than 11 clinical tests for human beings and animals, so it helps
boost the immunity of your pet dog through the increase of beneficial bacteria.
■ It helps decrease tartar.
As it's shaped to help reduce tartar, it helps remove the tartar on the teeth of pet dog.
■ It helps remove bad breath.
It helps remove the bad breath with the contained green tea extract.
■ It helps boost immunity.
Containing multi vitamins E, A, B3, D2, B7, B1, B6, B12, it helps boost the immunity.
■ Vegetable Omega 3
Containing flaxseed powder, malt powder,oat powder, it helps improve intestinal and skin health.
Scientific removal of tartar
The unique shape obtained through long years’ study helps remove the tartar.

For tiny/small dog : Length about 7cm,
                          Thickness about 1~1.2cm
For small/medium dog : Length about 7cm,
                                Thickness about 1.5cm
. Registration of Feed Ingredients Number : 55VZO0021
. The name of an article : Pet dog 17
. Product Name : Dental Scaling Lactobacillus
. Form of Feed : Stick
. Type of feed : Combined feed / other animals, fish, pets
. Use of feed : More than 3 months old
. Registered Ingredients
 Moisture  Phosphorus  Calcium
 ≥4.0%  ≥1.0%  ≤3.0%  ≤3.0%  ≤18.0%  ≥0.05%  ≥0.05%

. Ingredients:
Glycerin, Corn Starch, Oat, gelatin,sorbitol, fructose oligo saccharide, green tea extract, rice powder, yeastextract, multi vitamin,
CMC, malt powder, soy protein, flaxseed powder,glyceryl stearate, vitamin E, exceed G, lactobacillus plantarum, natural flavor
 . Genetically modified material : Not Applicable
 . Addition of veterinary medicine : Not Applicable

. Don’t feed it to young dog less than 3 months old.
. Avoid direct sunlight.  After opening, keep it in the refrigerator and it is recommended
to feed it as soon as possible.
. If the product is spoiled during distribution, exchange it at the place of purchase.
. As this product is made for dog only, be careful that your baby will not eat it.
. In case when vomit or diarrhea occurred after eating this product, consult a veterinarian.
. Keep daily feed amount

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