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Dr. Healmedix Brain Care & Red Ginseng Functional Snack

Dr. Healmedix Brain Care & Red Ginseng Functional Snack

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Dr. Healmedix Brain Care & Red Ginseng Functional Snack

Snack for the brain health of senior dogs.

  • A Single protein source: 500 dalton krill

-A type of plankton that is a crustacean belonging to the order Amuridae.

-Protein source from clean area of Antarctic Ocean

Use of noble protein krill from Antarctica's clean area, which has an excellent composition of essential amino acids.


Astaxanthin contained in krill has a powerful antioxidant effect and can help remove free radicals accumulated in the brain cells and body.

  • Contains functional ingredients

Ingredients made with sincerity in mind for dogs

1. Omega 3 fatty acids

-It can help promote neurohormone transmission and brain health by helping the interaction between brain cells.

2. Phosphatidylserine

-May help improve cognition by promoting neurotransmitter action

3.Red ginseng extract

-Enhanced ginsenoside ingredients can help improve brain blood circulation and memory.

*Ginsenoside: The main active ingredient that exhibits the pharmacological effects of ginseng


-May help supply nutrition to brain cells

-Considering dogs with weak digestive system 

-Brain care & red ginseng exclusive design

Content: 1 Bag (30g x 5ea)


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