New pet shop’s Mercedes Benz stroller, spa would make you wish you’re a pet, too

New pet shop’s Mercedes Benz stroller, spa would make you wish you’re a pet, too

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“SOLD” said the tag of a 400,000-peso dog bought in the name of a Philippine congresswoman in a newly opened luxury pet shop in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

How the congresswoman and her daughter smiled after receiving the new high-breed puppy from Korea. If only other Filipinos could smile like that, but not in this time of an 8% inflation rate where ordinary Filipinos don’t even know where to get food or transportation fare, much more, what to have for Noche Buena. P400,000 could have gone a long way especially in sending poor kids to school. It would have been more sensitive during these difficult times to just adopt a stray puppy, don’t you think?

But for those who love to pamper themselves and their fur babies, Pretty Bubble Boutique in Two Parkade, 30th Street in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City offers grooming and spa services for pets, including the pet hydrobath, touted to be a first in the Philippines. A hydrobath can give fur babies a thorough wash and massage by spraying pressurized warm water and shampoo through their fur.

The boutique is a total pet heaven for its luxury pet merchandise. For one, pets can chow ranging from vegan canned food to “catered” dog pastries prepared by a licensed pet bakery master from South Korea. Not only does the shop has its own Essentials line with shampoo for different furs and cleaners for various teeth. It also has a sundry of perfume and colognes in different scents for pets.

Come nap time, fur babies can choose to relax in a 30,000-peso, princess-like cushioned bed complete with its own pillows and duvets. For a walk in the park, there is an 83,000-Yen (about P34,000) Mercedes Benz pet stroller! 

If that’s not enough, the boutique has a section for customizing pets’ collar, toys, clothes, bags and other accessories. These goods and services range from hundreds and up, said Soyoung Shin, the brand’s Korean co-owner.

As a pet lover herself, for Soyoung, pampering pets is not a luxury.

“Pets deserve (high-end services and products) because they give unconditional love to their families,” she said. “So, we want them to feel like this is their home.”

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