Luxe pet-care services shop opens in BGC

Luxe pet-care services shop opens in BGC

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How about some “K-pup care” for your fur babies? Opening at BGC last 2 December is South Korean luxury pet store Pretty Bubble Boutique. Located at The Parkade, 30th St. in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, the one-stop shop offers premium pet supplies and top-notch pet care services.

After building their brand in South Korea in 1995, the pet store later found its way to the Philippines.  In 2015, the “Pretty Bubble Dog” was built in Cebu City.

THE pet store caters to teacup puppies and 25 other dog breeds.
The store’s grand opening was marked with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Boutique owner Shin Soyoung spoke before guests and crew members: “It was a big decision for us to be here in Manila. We are very new here, but seeing you all in real place makes me happy. Thank you so much, and we hope you will be part of our Journey here in Manila”

To showcase more of the top-notch facility, Shin joined interior designer and architect Nicole Tan from Boon to lead a tour for guests.

Grooming services were the highlight of tour’s first stop. This section provides a thorough full body wash and massage, blow-drying, nail trimming or filing, dental care, ear, eye, and glandular care, as well as full hairstyling.

KOREAN-INSPIRED pet clothes.
Fur parents may choose between Pretty Bubble Boutique’s Whirlpool or Hinoki Spa — slow-body massages for pets.

Shin said, “Our grooming is a private service, we do not accept everyone at the same time. So private grooming is [what] we are only catering to one family at a time in one slot. For safety and it will be so stressful for the puppies and the dogs to be in a new environment with a groomer and we mix it with other dogs. So, that’s our best feature.”

A first in the country are the boutique’s hydro baths, a process where pressurized warm water and shampoo penetrate the pet’s skin and fur for a thorough wash and massage. In short — a bubbly bathtub for your furry friend. Shin stressed that the hydro bath is much softer than the normal shower of the puppies.

PETCARE products.
She further explained that the scissors, brushes, and other utilities used for grooming are Korean-made. While groomers are highly trained to accommodate the needs of the pets.

The store also sells a variety of pet care items and supplies, such as hypoallergenic conditioners and shampoos, oral hygiene kits, poop bags, pet clothing, plush toys, and pet trolleys. While a bakery master professionally makes dog pastries from South Korea.

PRETTY Bubble Boutique’s grooming services include a full body wash and massage,
blow-drying, nail trimming or filing, dental care, ear, eye, and glandular care, as well as full hairstyling.
Finally, the most-awaited puppy gallery is introduced, built on shelf-like quarters that are home to various puppies.  Transparent walls made it convenient for browsing pet lovers to decide which puppy they would give a forever home.

Over 25 dog breeds are available at the store, including the poodle, long-haired dachshund, Coton de Tulear, bichon fries, Shiba Inu, Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, and Maltipoo. On the right side of the gallery, is where the VIP lounge is placed.

Ladylyn Tieng, a repeat customer, praised the Boutique’s warm introduction. “The boutique itself is so clean, smells so good. It feels like you did not go to a dog salon because stores around Manila, can be strong and unpleasant due to the dog waste. But the salon, wow, amazing.”

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